Tuesday, August 21, 2012

‎"...they were told to believe, but were not given any intellectual answers to the questions they were asking. Their parents and pastors patted the youngsters on the head and said, “Don’t ask questions, dear, just believe.” It was more spiritual to believe without asking questions than it was to ask questions."

"There was a tendency to act as if the only thing that mattered was to see that a man’s soul is saved so that it can go to Heaven. The person disappears. Only the soul is valuable, and its value is in Heaven and has very little to do with anything in the present life — the body, the intellect, or the culture. For a long time there was little interest in the orthodox churches and groups concerning the Lordship of Christ in regard to intellectual things or culture."

~ Francis Schaeffer, The New Super-Spirituality

Monday, August 20, 2012


"In the flood of the loss of humanness in our age-including the flow from abortion-on-demand to infanticide and on to euthanasia-the only thing that can stem this tide is the certainty of the absolute uniqueness and value of people. And the only thing which gives us this is the knowledge that people are made in the image of God. We have no other final protection. And the only way we know that people are made in the image of God is through the Bible and the Incarnation of Christ, which we know from the Bible." ~ Whatever Happened to the Human Race, Francis Schaeffer

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Seven deadly sins


1. statist, against American exceptionalism (America is "just another nation, and a bad one at that),
2. progressive (the Constitution is an evolving document, subject to the whims of modern opinion; thus, there is no "law above merely human law"),
3. pro-sodomy (support same-sex marriage),
4. class-warfare monger, economic trickster (the poor are not poor because the rich are rich),
5. pro-abortion with a deadly vengeance (your tax dollars will pay for it, whatever your conscience may be),
6. against the First Amendment (since he wants to restrict "the free exercise of religion" by making religious Americans pay for abortion).
7. puts the UN above the Constitution, thus endorsing internationalism. I do not put China and Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan on the same moral level as these United States of America.

How can you vote for this traitor to American values?

I beg you to read A Christian Manifesto by Francis A. Schaeffer. It is prophetic, distilled wisdom for today and tomorrow, especially given the ugly rise of statism (the state as ersatz god).

Does Christianity have any intellectual clout?
Can we look to Jesus as a model intellectual?
Would you like to discover an aspect of Jesus often neglected?

These and other pertinent questions are answered in my book, On Jesus, published by Wadsworth (2003) as par of their Philosopher Series. To my knowledge, it is the only book of its kind by a single author. If you have any comments on this work, please post them here or on Amazon. If you have read and like the book, please make that known on Amazon. Why do I write this? See Matthew 6:33.http://www.amazon.com/Jesus-Wadsworth-Philosophers-Douglas-Groothuis/dp/0534583946/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1344198199&sr=8-1&keywords=on+jesus+groothius