Friday, November 2, 2012

Most Americans were deceived about Obama; they did not research his beliefs or his past; they were swept away by emotion or (especially the young, see Obama's Zombies) were mindless Democrat-no-matter-what voters.

Now no one has an excuse. Obama was mentored by a Communist (see The Communist); he went to an apostate, black liberationist church for twenty years in order to learn how to talk religion to build his political career. He was good friends with and American terrorist, who supported his political career: Bill Ayers (now a Professor, God help us).

What Obama has done. Created a gigantic debt; kept unemployment very high; appeased our enemies; taken over health care, working toward a single-payer (complete socialist) health "care" system, which requires Americans to pay for abortion. Has been the most arrogant, corrupt, non-transparent, most prevaricating President in my lifetime.

America, please wake up.

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